how to reset Yahoo Mail Password.

how to change yahoo mail Password.

Yahoo is a webmail offering enormous features to the users. The features and services of the Yahoo are outstanding and thus liked by most of the users. Yahoo focuses more on security zone and hence protects the account of the users. Apart from that, Yahoo opened a gate for the users who overlooked the password. Ymail Password Recovery is a process which enables the users to access an account with a fresh password.

How to reset Yahoo Mail Password in an easy way? 

· Go to the official website of the Yahoo.

· Click on ‘Login’ icon and select ‘I can’t access my account’.

· Thereafter, Yahoo will offer few recovery options, users are requested to choose ‘I have a problem with my password’.

Soon after that, users will be prompted to enter the Yahoo email address. After entering the same, Yahoo will direct to the Ymail Password Reset page, where users can enter the registered email address. Yahoo will send the recovery link and after clicking on it will direct to the Yahoo account page, where users can create a fresh password.

·However, Yahoo also provided the security questions and answers method for the users who have not registered the email address. Just users will have to provide the correct answers to the questions and once it is confirmed that answers are correct, Yahoo will allow the users to access the account with a fresh password.

Apart from these options, one more option is retained by the Yahoo, i.e. Phone Number. Through the registered phone number, users can reset the password. After selecting this option from Yahoo Sign-in Helper page, users will have to confirm the phone number shown in the box and after confirming the same, Yahoo will send the security code and entering the same in the recovery page will give an access to Yahoo Password Recovery account with a new password.