How to fix iPhone not Charging


how to change iphone not working.

iPhone is one of the unbeatable Smartphone’s provided by the Apple. A wide range of features is provided by the iPhone to their users. iPhone is best known for its highly reliable features but sometimes users face many technical issues while they use iPhone and iPhone not charging is one among those. Due to various reasons, users confront not charging problem in their iPhone. After getting iPhone customer service users can easily get the instant solution to this problem from the technical experts. Before getting technical support, users can also try some easy methods to fix this problem.

how to Reset your iPhone.

Resetting an iPhone can also be helpful to fix not charging problem. With the hard reset, you can check the malfunction of any software that prevents your iPhone to charge. For this, follow the below steps:

· First of all, press and hold the power button and volume down button together.
· Keep holding these buttons until you don’t see Apple logo and then try to charge your iPhone.

how to Check your USB cable for damage 

Sometimes due to a faulty USB cable also is a reason for not charging problem. So make sure that your USB cable is in fine working conditions and you are using an original charger to charge your iPhone.

how to Contact iPhone customer support to fix to charge problems in iPhone. 

If the above steps don’t help to fix charging problems on iPhone, then users can contact iPhone phone number to avail better solutions from the professionals who are well qualified and skilled. They provide assistance to resolve various problems that arrived confront in the iPhone. And they will give best in class assistance that will help to fix to charge related problems of iPhone. Users can get resolutions on their entire technical problems within a short time period and they are 24/7 hours available to assist.