How to change Ymail Password

So to assist the users of desktop and mobile, two Ymail password changing methods are demonstrated in this page. These methods are being presented after making long hours of discussion with the Ymail tech support engineers, over Ymail password recovery number. Both these methods are being presented after immense level of simplification.

How to change Ymail Password on the desktop

Yahoo Mail has to be opened by typing
It will open Yahoo inbox if the user is logged into his/her Yahoo account
The account email address and password have to be entered now
Going forward, the [Sign In] icon is needed to be clicked
The user is now urged to click on the name tab which is located on the upper-right side of the opened window
It will open a drop-down menu where the [Account Info] option is required to be clicked
Hence, the [Account page] will open
The user is now suggested to visit the left side of the page and click on the [Account Security]
All the [login information] has to be re-entered to make [Sign In]. It is not necessary if the account login was done earlier
Hitting the [Change Password] icon is the next job in this context.
In the end, a new password is needed to be prepared and entered twice.

How to change Ymail Password on mobile

To change the Ymail password on mobile, the Yahoo Mail has to be opened first. The selection of [Yahoo Mail] app icon will resemble a purple box. This box, labeled as [Yahoo! Mail], will open your Yahoo inbox. If the user is not logged into the Yahoo Mail app, he/she needs to click on the link [Have a Yahoo account?]. Up to this step, the process is same for Ymail password change and Ymail password reset. But, we will be talking about password changing method in the next section. Here, by entering the login information, the user can make his/her account login. Now the click on [More] button, located in the top-left corner of the screen, is expected. It will open a pop-out menu which is responsible to open currently signed-in accounts. Finding the account name and hitting [Account Info] are suggested to the user now. There will be a [Security Settings] in the middle of the page. It is required to be clicked. The user then prompted to enter phone's passcode or Touch ID. Hence, he/she needs to click on the [Password Change]. A new password has to be created and entered now. That’s it. For Ymail password recovery, the user is suggested to remember the customer care professionals.