how to change hotmail password on iphone

Change The Hotmail Password Using iPhone.

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How can the Hotmail password change on iPhone?

how to recover hotmail Password.

It is required to open a web browsing software by using iPhone.

There is need to go to the with the help of iPhone browser.

Now, there is need to login to the outlook email account.

After the user has logged in, tap on “Settings” icon that is at the top right.

There is need to tap into managing account and click "Mail Settings."

There is need to choose the option of “Change password.”

After the password will be changed, it is required to go to “Settings” app, and click on "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars".

Click “Hotmail” and then choose the Hotmail account.

Tap on "Password" and enter the password in the provided field.

Click “Finish” option by tap the option to "Done" to reset email password.

Now, the Hotmail account recovery process has been completed.

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