How do I reinstall my Norton 360 on my computer

Norton 360 reinstalling in the system.

Norton 360, initiated by Symantec, is an “all-in-one” security package that is a mixture of online protection with performance tuning as well. One of the major and distinctive features of them is that it overcomes the option to add any additional security, performance mechanism and also data backup is present. It provides a hassle free as well as user friendly antivirus which is very comfortable to use without thinking twice for how to use the antivirus.

There can be various issues why we need to go with the option of re-installing the antivirus such as Antivirus not responding, Latest version updation and so on.

How do I reinstall my Norton 360 on my computer with team of experts.

Here are the quick steps to re-install the Norton 360 on the system:

1. Install the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. ( Save it on the Desktop, if a different browser then it will be saved in the default location)

2. Just by pressing the Ctrl + J key, the installation will appear.

3. Then click twice on NRnR option.

4. Go through the License Agreement, Choose Agree.

5. Tap Continue and then Remove.

6. Now click onto Restart Now.

7. After the computer restarts, just go through the instructions to reinstall the product.

As it has a user-friendly and simple to use while downloading or using after it but still there are some issues which every one cannot understand as that is something technical and for the same we need to get in touch with the Customer Support team. they will guide the best possible solution and will make you problem free as well.